Greg Baruso Announces Campaign to Retain Federal Way City Council Pos. 2

Updated: Apr 12

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Baruso announces campaign to retain Federal Way Council position 2 seat

FEDERAL WAY – Greg Baruso announced this week that he will seek to retain the Federal Way City Council position 2 seat that he was appointed to in March of 2020.

Baruso pointed to his accomplishments in office including serving as Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee, supporting COVID-19 recovery, balancing the city’s two-year budget, and sponsorship of initiatives to end racial discrimination and foster greater communication between minority communities and the city as reasons why citizens should vote to retain him on the council.

“I’m proud of the things I have been able to accomplish on behalf of all citizens in Federal Way,” said Baruso. “I’ve listened, worked hard, and tried to be a voice for common sense and social responsibility.”

A top priority in the months ahead will be to continue to help with COVID-19 recovery. Baruso said that “It is imperative that we assist in getting our city back on its feet regarding our small businesses, housing, and the rebuilding of our city’s economy.”

Another priority for Baruso is land use planning. “With light rail coming to Federal Way in 2024, it is important that we have a vision on how best to use the area currently annexed by Sound Transit for staging and construction,” said Baruso. “We need to also prioritize our needs when it comes to housing and business in our city center core – including looking at affordable low and medium income housing that can help create jobs and assist our homeless.”

Responsible policing will be another top focus for Baruso. He said that “this isn’t about defunding – it’s about assisting our police department in assessing how to best serve the needs of our city and those of its citizens. Public safety is still paramount and we need to provide the highest level of service to meet the standards of our citizens and visitors.”

Greg Baruso has a long history of community involvement and public service. He served for 12 years on the City of Federal Way’s Diversity Commission, is the current President of the Citizens for Federal Way Public Schools, and as a member of the Diversity Commission, directed both the MLK Food Drive and the Flavor of Federal Way. Greg has also served as a firefighter for the Port of Seattle for 35 years and currently holds the rank of Captain. He’s received the Firefighter of the Year award and the Northwest Burn Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Greg and his wife Shawn have been married for 25 years and have three children. His hobbies include classic cars, carpentry, and landscaping.

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