Hi, I'm Greg


I am a second generation Filipino and a husband with 3 wonderful children. I was born in Seattle, but have lived in Federal Way for 20 years and have been a firefighter with the Port of Seattle for 35 years. In my firefighting career, I have achieved the rank of Training Captain and was named the 1999 firefighter of the year. Some of my hobbies include cars, gardening, carpentry, and landscaping! Federal Way is my community and I am dedicated to represent you.


Along with being a firefighter, I have been a volunteer and an active member in our community ever since moving here. I was named the the 2000 volunteer of the year of the Northwest Burn Foundation and was appointed by the governor to the Citizen's Committee on Pipeline Safety overseen by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission. In Federal Way, I am the President of the Citizens for Federal Way Schools and served on the Federal Way Diversity Committee, 6 of those years serving as the Chair. Additionally, I ran for the House of Representatives in 2014, but did not win.

After getting appointed to the Federal Way City Council in March 2020, I have accomplished many things. All beginning with my appointment to the Parks, Recreation, Human Services, and Public Safety Committee, to include sponsoring the Anti-Racism Against Asian-American’s Proclamation, sponsoring the placement of the Black Live Matter banner on the council’s Facebook Page, co-sponsoring the request of the Mayor to establish communications with Federal Way’s Black Community, appointment as Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee, helping the city in its COVID Recovery, supporting the “Shop-Local” city wide initiative, and helping bring a balanced 2021-2022 Biennium Budget. I also participated in city-wide events such as the Community Litter Pickup event and helped organize January's Food Drive to support the Federal Way Senior Center.




Top: January's City-Wide Food Drive

Middle: This past Feb. I celebrated my 35th anniversary of serving the community as a Firefighter 

Bottom: AAPI Protest Against Hate with my Wife, Shawn

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For a Better Future

My priorities include:

  • COVID-19 Recovery - It is imperative that we assist in getting our city back on its feet regarding our small businesses, housing and rebuilding of our city’s economy. This will include getting our social services back on track to help with garnering services and programs for both our youth and seniors.

  • Responsible Policing - This isn’t about the misunderstood phrase of “defunding.” This is about assisting our police department and our hard-working police officers in navigating how to best serve our city and addressing needs, wants and asks of our residents in the process of keeping all safe and out of harms way. Public safety is still paramount, and we need to address the best ways to bring the level of service to the highest standards needed in our city and to its residents and visitors.

  • Land Use Planning - With the addition to Light Rail to Federal Way scheduled for 2024, it is important that we have “our,” the residents and city leader’s vision, on how we want the area that Sound Transit is currently utilizing as their construction annexed and staging area and how it is to be used after the light rail is completed. We need to strategically plan and prioritize our needs when it comes to housing and businesses within our City Center core. Also, how and where we can procure housing for our homeless population is important and vital to the healthy wellbeing of our city and surrounding area. Affordable, low- and medium-income housing is on the forefront of land use planning and will also create needed jobs for our residents another way to support our local economy as we recover from the COVID crisis.